Pullip Available on April/2010!!!

Today’s Dress Code is ‘ Party Girl ',I can get into any private event without a guest pass,Because the party is my stage….Feel Like So.■Check it out !!- Outfit features full gold treatment- Elegant party girl style- Cameo Chocker- Laced party bag.- Memorable blue eye shadow■Set Contents- One-piece Dress- Tights- Strap Pumps■Attached Accessories- Cocktail Hat- Chocker- Fur Shawl- Party Bag- Doll St...

Ball Jointed Doll Ai Available on March/2010!!!

Ai/Vinca Floral language: Happy Memories- ‘’Ai’’ feel in the mood for Picnic, in a happy vein.- Favorite Printed-Patterned One-Piece Dress, Pretty!!- Pigtails with Red Ribbon is so Cute!!■Set Contents:- One-Piece Dress- Drawers- Socks- Shoes- Hair Slide ■Attached Accessories- Head Dress- Scarf- PochetteA-709 Ai Vinca15,750 yen (tax included)...

J-doll Available on March/2010 !!!

J-Doll / Galeries St-Hubert - Elegant lady who shines with a neoclassical city walk.- Luxurious cocktail hat and clutch bag with makes for a graceful feeling that stands out.■Where is she?Galeries St-Hubert is an old world shopping arcade in Brussels, Belgium. It’s very fashionable meeting place showcasing 19th century architecture separated by pilasters and two upper floors. Officially opened in ...

Little Pullip+ and Little DAL+Available on March/2010!!!

Big Popular Pullips & DALs are reproduced in Little Plus Series!!Little Pullip Plus / Craziia■Little P+ Craziia Feeling:Booming my voice, life is great pride….There is nothing more precious in this world…Feel Like So.-Same cool eyes as Big Version Pullip.■Set Contents:- Jacket- Kilt- Belt■Attached Accessories- Hat- Stole- Doll standLP-409 Little Pullip + Craziia3,780 yen (tax included)Little DAL P...

Byul Available on March/2010!!!

Walt Disney meets Pullip Famliy !Vol. 2Disney Studio’s ‘DUMBO’ has been delightfully captured in this special collaboration release through Byul.DUMBO’s Byul has looks so lovely, cute & cuddly!!- When you push the tummy, it makes a sound!- Yellow cape doubles as a mini-skirt.- When costume is removed, you can enjoy a home/ leisure appearance.■Set Contents:- DUMBO’s Costume- Cape- Gloves- Shoes- Ha...






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