Ball Jointed Doll Ai Available on April/2010!

Clover Ai finds Love and bring Happiness….-Hold my hand and become happy-Symbol mark of four-leaf clover.-Fair skinned look.-Cute Pumpkin style pants-Blonde hair & Green eye shadow.■Set Contents:-Blouse-Skirt-Apron style dress-Socks-Shoes-Hair Accessory ■Attached Accessories-BagFloral language: HappinessA-710 Ai Clover15750 yen (tax included)...

J-Doll Available on April/2010 !

Sexy J-Doll Rambra falls in love with a country, Spain of Passion-Sexier mold shape-Cutting edge fashion of neck-warmer and arm-warmer.-Stylish belt-The weed style clutch bag.■Where is she?The Place of Rambla is part of center in Barcelona, Spain.Most of the time, there are many more tourists than locals occupying RamblaThis has influenced the shopping selection, as well as the character of the st...

Little Pullip + / Little DAL + Available on April/2010!

This time Little Pullip+ & DAL+ is super fly school Girl!!The happiness of Miki is….‘Fashion, Love & Texts to my darling’….Feel Like So.-School girl fashion oriented.-Awesome makeup.-Cute Mini Skirt & School Bag.■Set Contents:-Vest-Blouse-Tie-Skirt■Attached Accessories-School Bag-Doll StandLP-411 Little Pullip + Miki3780 yen (tax included)‘Ballet & ESL (English School)’,I’m really busy after scho...

Byul Available on April/2010!!!

Sweet Country style of Lolita Fashion ???I compare myself to a Fruit….. a cut bright red Strawberry!!!Sure is Sweet & Tiny?■Check it out !!-Radical new design of miss-match between red colored hair bob and country Lolita hairstyle.-Cute red checkered lace dress-Heart print on front of apron.■Set Contents-One-piece Dress-Blouse-Apron-Shorts-Socks-Shoes■Accessories-Head dress-Doll StandB-304 Siry105...

DAL Available on April/2009!

Broken-down, Crying in pain….I won’t take it!!’’You cheated on my sprit(`ε´) !!■Check it out !!-Asian Gothic Series of DAL* this new DAL Tina is same series of Pullip Mir, which released July, 2009.-Mysterious KANJI (Chinese Characteristic) word of CAT in right-side Eye.-Cat Ear accessory.-Memorable red hair color■Set Contents-One-piece Dress-Jacket-Skirt-Socks-Shoes■Accessories-Cat Ears-Fur Hat-...






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